((It’s an AU.))


((Wait, are you doing an AU off of when Cas entered the water or is this 7x17 included?))

((He entered the lake and crawled out about a day or two later.))

((Oh okay, just making sure))

"Awe Clarence, don’t you remember me?" Meg grinned, stepping closer to Castiel. "We’ve had such good times together."

"You know, I could go for a drink."

"Who’s with me?"

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Name change

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Meg was hidden, trying to keep on the down low in Paris. She sat at a cafe, a hat covering her head and glasses over her eyes. 

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"Well Castiel, nice meatsuit." Meg raised an eyebrow, looking her over.



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“Cas, I told you, I don’t like poetry. Put up, or shut up.”

“You should give poetry another chance. You just need to find the writing that suits you.”

"Yeah….. Right" Meg raised an eyebrow, sitting across from the angel.

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"You lost, kid?" Meg raised an eyebrow

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"Cas, I told you, I don’t like poetry. Put up, or shut up."

that1guyfromgotham asked: About your recnt personal pots, it's fine. I get it. :) God luck with everything!!

Thanks man :) I’m glad I have support, I’ll try to get on more

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To who gives a shit ((OOC post))

Some of you have noticed that I haven’t been on a lot. Not only this account, but my RP accounts too. I have not been ignoring it, my blogs matter very much to me. I do however have things going on around me that I need to solve before I can go back to blogging/RPing daily. 

  • Final exams are coming up. I need to study if I want to get into the art school I want to go to next year
  • Final projects are due
  • I may or may not be dating someone
  • Family issues
  • I need a job

I will try to get on as much as possible after I have eliminated most of these, but until then I won’t be on much. Sorry, if you want to still contact me you can get my facebook or phone number. Message me for any more questions, I will be back ASAP

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